A warehouse type structure is typically hot internally and can benefit tremendously from some form of natural cooling. The Innovent block can be used on all sides of the building including the face which traditionally has been a problem due to the penetration of a wind driven rain.

With the Innovent a much larger section of any face of the building can be vented with minimal concern about the penetration of a wind driven rain, thereby substantially reducing the cost of cooling the building by any other means.



  • Perimeter walls

Allows the free flow of air while maintaining privacy. This is especially advantageous in high density housing where one can still enjoy the benefit of breeze while preventing your neighbor looking into your space.

  • Patio/Living room/Garage/Swimming pool walls

Same as above with the additional feature of weather inhibition.



  • Kiosks/standby generator rooms

  • Air condition air handler rooms

  • Stairwells

  • Dog houses

  • Animal pens

  • Many other applications