Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the Innovent Block?

The Innovent block is a new patent protected concrete louvre ventilation block designed in Trinidad and Tobago. It allows for air flow through a wall while inhibiting the passage of precipitation (such as a horizontal or wind driven rain) through its unique and innovative design features.

+ Why should I use the Innovent Block?

The Innovent block is a premiere source of natural ventilation whilst inhibiting the ingress of a wind driven or horizontal rain. Natural ventilation is a healthier and cheaper source of cooling than other forms of cooling – e.g. air conditioning.

The Innovent block provides a number of advantages:

Weather inhibition –from all forms of precipitation including even horizontal or wind driven rains. Privacy – providing ventilation while maintain privacy – no direct line of sight. Machine made – manufactured using an automated concrete block making machine provide a consistent and uniform product. Modular in dimension – meaning it follows typical industry measurements, allowing easy installation and a uniform finish. Decorative – the Innovent ventilation screen is aesthetically pleasing and provides an attractive finish.

+ How it works?

Building with the Innovent louvre block is simple. A singular unit is laid in the conventional pattern. A second identical unit is then laid inverted and rotated 180° to form the complete modular unit. Modular units can be stacked to form a ventilation screen of any desired height or width. As the Innovent block adheres to typical block sizes, it can be utilized in any wall both seamlessly and uniformly.

+ Are columns and beams required for a vent panel?

Depending on the size of panel being used – yes. The Innovent louvre block is a non-load bearing unit and if going to a vent panel of 8’ long x 8’ high or larger structural columns and beams are recommended. For smaller panels it can be installed on standard blockwork with a lintel beam as necessary.

+ How do I install?

The Innovent block is very simple to install. Any experienced mason can carry out this installation. Please refer to our installation video. (

+ What size does the Innovent block come in?

The Innovent block is currently available in two sizes: 4” (90mm x 90mm x 390mm) and 6” (140mm x 90mm x 390mm). However, it can be made in any size, when the two pieces are put together with the mortar joint it becomes 4 x 8 x 16 (90mm x 190mm x 390mm) or 6 x 8 x 16 (140mm x 190mm x 390mm) in size.

+ How does Innovent tie into any wall structure?

The Innovent block is modular in dimension which means it conforms to existing block sizes. This means that the Innovent will fit seamlessly into a new wall construction and can also be retrofitted into old walls.

+ How do I finish the top of a free standing wall?

The top of a free standing wall such as a perimeter or screen wall can be finished with the already available cap slab as shown in the installation video.

+ Can the Innovent only be used in a stacking bond?

No, a running bond can also be used by starting with a half block on every other course (row).

+ How do I cut the Innovent block?

The Innovent block is easily cut by using a masonry blade on a grinder.

+Can small animals such as birds or bats pass through the opening?

Whilst this is possible, the unique design of the block inhibits the ability of this from happening. However removable mosquito type screens as used on windows can easily be installed if necessary.

+ How many blocks do I need?

The number of Innovent blocks needed depends on the size of the opening you wish to install them in. Typically, you can determine this number by multiplying the opening height by the opening length to get a square foot area e.g. 4' high x 4’ long = 16 sq. ft. Multiply the sq. ft. by 2.25 to get the quantity required i.e. 16 sq. ft. x 2.25 = 36 halves or 18 whole (combined) Innovent blocks.

+ Do you have a showroom?

Yes we do. Please visit our showrooms and walls at:

Trinidad Concrete Blocks Ltd, 34C O’Meara Industrial Estate, Arima. Telephone 868-642-3055

+ Where do I find the Innovent block?

The Innovent block is currently available under license at:

Trinidad & Tobago: Trinidad Concrete Blocks Ltd, 34C O’Meara Industrial Estate, Arima Tel: 1 868 642 3055

Leading Hardware’s such as:

Bhagwansingh’s Hardware Munich Hardware – St. Joseph – Tel: 1-868-663-5163 Pariagh’s Hardware Ltd – Chaguanas – Tel: 1-868-672-5997 R. Sawh’s Hardware – San Fernando – Tel: 1-868-658-4484 Ramlagan’s General Hardware & Electrical – Couva – Tel:1-868-679-3758 Romain’s Hardware – Maraval – Tel: 1-868-629-8550 Ultimate Hardware – Kelly Village – Tel: 1-868-669-0443

+ How do I become a licensed manufacturer/producer of the Innovent Block?

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